We are a free automated hosting solution founded in 2019 supporting Discord, Revolt.chat and Guilded.gg designed using the NodeJS API to bring a new level of automation to container services.

The platform offers direct access to SSH and the ability to submit commands directly through text channels within any server our bots are invited to.

We support multiple operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine, Alma Linux, and Arch Linux.

The containers are automated and self-contained, with expiration times and automatic cleaning, making it easy for users to manage their services.

Containers can be stopped, restarted, and destroyed right within our supported platforms, allowing users to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment where mistakes are okay.

Our mission is to assist today’s youth in learning about Linux, how to use it, and how to start coding. We aim to support the next generation of technicians and devops engineers, helping them to thrive in their careers today.